A Foundation to Build On

My yAcademy Award — “The Wizard”

Who are the Byte Masons?

Byte Masons are the team that maintains Reaper.Farm, but we’re also a lot more than that. We’re technical advisors, security consultants, engineers, teachers, and friends — to each other and to the greater Fantom ecosystem.

Bug Bounty Program

As part of our perpetual effort to mitigate risks to our users, we’ve placed a $200k bug bounty on our Beethoven-X crypts with Immunefi.


Though we’ve operated as a DAO thus far, bringing on team members from all over the world has made decentralization more important than ever. Managing these new perspectives and tempering them against our community’s will is going to be a challenge, but it’s one we’ve been preparing for since our launch in April.

The Future of Reaper

As many of you know, we launched Reaper.Farm because we wanted to get our company started quickly. Since then, we’ve fallen in love with the Reaper brand and it’s become much more than a means to an end. In light of this, we want to give it the facelift it needs to rise above its competition.

General Updates

We’re leaving a couple interesting software systems sitting on the backburner while we build out our new business and engineering units and prepare for governance launch. We expect to begin polishing them off after we release our new Reaper vaults. These would include our ‘only up’ reserve currency and the mythical v2 system, which will probably require a new round of hires to support.



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Justin Bebis

Justin Bebis

Smart Contract engineer focused on high-performance blockchain networks