Dear Byte Masons,

Justin Bebis
2 min readFeb 28, 2022


An open letter to my favorite group of people in DeFi

When I started this organization in the middle of 2020, I never knew I’d one day refer to it as an ‘organization’. The Masons were a rag-tag gang of programmers and professionals with a shared set of values and passion for crypto. Through the tangled mess of web3 and the budding world of DeFi, we caught glimpses of a better future.

Together, we honed our skills so that we could one day make our vision a reality — one where collective values would play a larger role than profit. A future where we could, by our own merits, build something greater than ourselves.

Since the early days of bounty hunting, knowledge sharing, and half-finished projects, we’ve come a long way. With no token, we breezed past $200m TVL on Reaper. We’ve navigated through murky regulatory waters and figured out how to grow together despite thousands of miles between us. Without any connections or venture capital, we’ve managed to claw our way to the forefront of DeFi.

Today, I see the talent that’s assembled under the name Byte Masons and feel pride in my heart. The intelligence, skill, and good nature of our team has validated the quality and importance of our mission. Between hundred hour weeks this past month and the added stress of these past few days, I felt it would be right to reinforce my belief in you all and in our mission.

I’m resting firmly at >90 degrees

I guess I’ll dispense with the formality now to say you guys rock. Working in DeFi has been the greatest challenge of my life, and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. I hope we can keep blazing trails together for years to come, and look forward to showing the world what we’re made of.

So thank you, Byte Masons. I am eternally grateful for the strength you’ve all lent this organization. Let’s keep cutting through the noise and building toward a better world together.





Justin Bebis

Smart Contract engineer focused on high-performance blockchain networks