Getting Into Our Groove

Two Raccoons Hanging Out


Our man Goob has taken over Reaper V1, and is mastering all of our tooling, writing new strategies, pushing out new crypts, and working on making the underlying protocol as safe and user-friendly as possible. He’s also been brainstorming new ways to expand the V1 ecosystem beyond just crypts, so stay tuned this next month for any exciting news.

The Crow

As usual, The Crow is pushing the limits of Reaper’s UX. He’s built an entire database from scratch and got our very first API up and running today — if you haven’t yet, you should see how fast our TVL loads now. We’re redesigning our analytics software from the ground up to deliver data faster and more reliably, and we’re excited to keep pushing big changes in the coming weeks.


If you haven’t checked out Dark Mode yet, you should. It kinda speaks for itself. Corval took the lead on that feature, and I can honestly say it’s the best dark mode I’ve ever seen. He’s working on making changes on our site persistent now, so look forward to that — no more toggling every time you visit the crypts.


Az, like always, is trying to get more people into our crypts. He’s behind our weekly promotion votes and working on bigger and better ways to make Reaper the #1 yield aggregator on Fantom. He’s hammering out details on some exciting projects that I know you’ll all love. Unfortunately I can’t spill the beans… but it’s gonna be awesome.


Noob is slowly transforming from ‘graphic designer’ to ‘creative director.’ Every cute little graphic on the site is born from his talented hands and we put him to work as often as we can — every new icon is like a little Christmas present. He’ll be taking the lead on yet another secret project this coming month in addition to helping Azrium with his.


At the beginning of last month, my primary focus was getting Goober up to speed on managing Reaper V1 and starting to build out V2. Recently, I’ve had to shift my focus back to V1 to work on some analytics and overhaul some of our strategies, and since Goober and I are getting a bit more experimental I’ve had to build out a pretty sizable testing framework so we can poke at our contracts more efficiently. Once this is done, we should be able to iterate faster and more safely. I’m looking forward to reworking V1 analytics with The Crow this month while I make more progress on our V2 contracts.

Daddy Birb Says:

0xWives Says:

So what’s V2?

Despite my griping, I’ve been able to write about 75% of our V2 contracts (keep in mind the last 25% will take way longer to finish than the first 75). It’s pretty well specified at this point, so I’ll leave you with this:

When Token?

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


I’d like to thank all of our beautiful customers for another successful month on Reaper.Farm. We’ve been able to grow despite sour market conditions, and our future prospects are looking bright. We will continue to work hard and hope we can count on your patronage in the months to come. Since we started, users have earned over 10 million Fantom within our protocol, and we’re excited to carry you all through the next 100 million and beyond.



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