Picking Clover

Justin Bebis
2 min readNov 18, 2021

A goal of Byte Masons and many of our peers is to bring defi to the masses. This is a long, iterative process that requires many layers of abstraction — building bridges between highly technical protocols and your non-technical grandma.

Abstractions are layers of simplification that boil down many of the more complex aspects of a program into simpler, easier to use ones — think zappers, yield aggregators, and other systems that reduce the number of clicks needed to manage your finances.

These layers are necessary to make software more accessible to everyday people who might not have the time or expertise to utilize your software to its fullest potential. We’re very excited to keep building these bridges, and would like to introduce our latest: Clover Finance.

Check out their website for more information!

Clover is an app that specializes in abstracting away the more complex aspects of defi for their users and delivering a simpler experience on their front end. They do this by subsidizing and removing the concept of gas from their transactions, as well as providing broad inter-operability with multiple blockchains and platforms (iOS, Android, Web-app, and Browser Extension).

We’ve partnered with Clover because we think services like theirs are absolutely necessary to bring the next wave of retail liquidity into defi, and are excited to bring Reaper to new markets through their wallet.

As part of our partnership, anyone who uses Reaper through one of their apps will receive 5 $CLV tokens. We encourage you to try it yourself and use it bring some of your less technical friends into defi.



Justin Bebis

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