Regarding the Token…

Obligatory Corporate Clipart

Byte Masons Today

Byte Masons are 28 talented individuals, 16 of which are software engineers. We’ve developed industry-leading legal and operational infrastructure, beautifully designed security operations, and a boatload of software that we’re excited to show you. We’ve automated our payroll with smart contracts, we’ve secured a Certik retainership, and our engineers are following our footsteps into defi and security fellowships like Kernel0x and yAcademy.

What’s Next?

We’ve built out the infrastructure we need to grow, and by golly we’re gonna do it. The token is coming. This will be how we give you all the keys to every piece of software we’ve made and will ever make in the future — our attempt to direct the hard work we’re putting in on Fantom toward public good.

Launch Details

We’ve built a novel LGE system that allows us to hand out discounts to community members using NFTs. Not only does this mean we can target dedicated Fantom community members, but we can issue NFTs to our own community members to ensure they can grab some tokens at a reduced cost. This ensures shares are distributed to people who have helped make the Fantom and Byte Masons communities what they are today.

Using NFTs as Proof of Community


As you can probably tell from the below chart, we are emphasizing long term growth over anything else in our launch strategy. With our methodology, circulating supply day one will be ~13.7%, a vast majority of which will be inside liquidity pools for trading. Only after 90 days will our circulating supply hit 30%, and from there emissions will last a decade or more. This will help us ensure growth and revenue will outpace inflation up to the total supply of 400,000,000. I will drill into decision making for each piece of the pie in the below section.

A Special Invitation

If you’re reading this article, it’s very likely you’re a follower of the Byte Masons. Over the next week, we will be releasing clues that will lead you to a $5000 prize and a significant whitelist opportunity for you and your friends. Pay attention to all of our social media and attend all the events below to acquire clues and earn whitelist opportunities and prizes.

Our Planned Release Schedule

In the pipeline….

I’ve outlined some of our projects below that are in the final stages of their development cycles. There’s plenty of stuff that isn’t ready to be placed on a roadmap, but rest assured this is the tip of the iceberg.

In Conclusion…

I hope all the information in this article will be useful to everyone. Our team is extremely excited for this event, and have poured months of planning and projection into it. Follow our social media accounts for up-to-the-minute updates on launch and chances to win whitelist opportunities.



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Justin Bebis

Justin Bebis

Smart Contract engineer focused on high-performance blockchain networks