Securing Our Network

Justin Bebis
3 min readDec 29, 2021

We’ve identified security as the cornerstone of growth in defi and believe that without robust security operations, defi companies are doomed to failure.

Goober and I began our web3 journey as Ethereum security engineers. Since our recent rescue operation, we’ve further committed to becoming the best security professionals we can be, learning and growing alongside the most talented people in the space. This commitment to security has now been passed onto our nine new developers, and the Byte Masons look forward to maintaining our security-first culture as we continue to grow.

Our goal is to greatly mitigate risk across our entire scope of operation & invest all the resources necessary to do so. We’ve poured a ton of time and energy into building up our DevSecOps, sharpening our auditing skills, and becoming stronger attackers so we can harden our systems and processes as much as possible.

A big part of security is understanding where the risks in defi and smart contract systems lie. As security-focused engineers working on Reaper.Farm, we’ve had the opportunity to read and work on practically every codebase in the industry. We’re intimately familiar with all the interfaces and architecture that drive Defi, and have gained the ability to detect systemic risks that are often easy to miss. This allows us to design better processes to mitigate and respond to smart-contract threats.

I’d like to formally introduce Byte Masons Security.

Over the past couple months, we’ve sought out clients who share our vision for a more secure ecosystem, and who we believe would greatly benefit from our skills, experience, and perspective. Going forward, we will be working with them on identifying and securing threats to create a safer user experience.

These projects include:

Revenant FinanceWe worked with the StakeSteak team after their exploit to hammer out a path forward. This resulted in StakeSteak’s evolution into Revenant. We will be reviewing all their code and helping de-risk their development pipeline.

Robo-Vault After Robo-Vault’s near-exploit, we offered to keep a set of eyes on their evolving systems and help harden their smart contracts. We’re also supporting them with engineering resources and are excited to work with them on new software.

SCREAM The Scream team seeks to maintain high security standards and set themselves apart from competitors, so we are working with them on enhancing their smart contract security and operations.

Beethoven-XWe work with Beethoven on reviewing contracts and offer them long term strategy & technical advisory.

Granary FinanceWe are helping the Granary team learn and deploy the Aave v2 system. We also provide them the technical and strategic assistance needed to create a safe and ethical lending experience for their users.

We’re excited to grow alongside these talented teams, and are committed to pushing ourselves to provide the fullest and most robust security services we can offer them. We believe our team has the talent and vision to set new standards for security in Defi and are excited to keep you all updated with our progress.



Justin Bebis

Smart Contract engineer focused on high-performance blockchain networks