Taking $GRAIN to Harvest

How Granary will define the future of DeFi Lending

Justin Bebis
3 min readJan 23, 2023

Bear markets are times of opportunity, with less downside, more serious users, and more breathing room. The Granary team has spent this bear market with their heads down, focused on building a product which addresses common DeFi pain points and pushes the space forward.

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The most important innovation of Granary V2 comes in its Nitro Pools. Nitro Pools are a solution to under-utilized supply-side assets that allow Granary to transparently lend to both users AND other protocols simultaneously, ensuring APRs stay competitive without creating a dilutive effect for protocol tokens.

Granary v2 features a fully integrated MEV capture system, designed to take advantage of the protocol-level information edge in order to liquidate positions with maximum reliability, while redirecting profits back to the users. Gone are the days of shadowy validator nodes extracting value & creating bad debt for lending protocols — sustainability is the future.

The Granary team has finished the development of Granary V2 and are in the process of testing and securing its systems. Once the codebase is deemed satisfactory, the team plans to work with top audit firms to validate Granary V2’s security.

Together, these features create a means of incentivizing farmers without diluting token holders. Any $GRAIN poured into the flywheel will have a massive long-term impact as protocol revenues buy-back and redistribute the token. This ensures governors are well-aligned with lenders, borrowers, and the protocol.

Through this powerful alignment of incentives, Granary will function as a public good ad-infinitum, turning a formerly toxic relationship between protocol stakeholders into a symbiotic one, where all users are motivated to ensure Granary is as successful as possible.

$GRAIN is designed to grow the protocol without unrestricted inflation. Thanks to its massive improvements to capital efficiency, Granary can fund its own incentives. This stretches time horizons into the decades and means users can enjoy the benefits of $GRAIN without fear of excess dilution.

In order to seed liquidity across all chains on which Granary will be operating, the Granary team has designed the first ever multi-chain LGE. This event will kickstart the $GRAIN ecosystem and allow for the full deployment of Granary V2, V3, and beyond.

The Granary team is committed to engineering infrastructure that will change finance forever, and is excited to bring you all along for the ride.

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